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Welsh Government Launches National Space Strategy

Welsh Government has today launched its National Space Strategy for Wales.

The strategy outlined in a report – Wales: A Sustainable Space Nation, highlights the unique physical and business environment that Wales offers companies that are revolutionising capabilities in the space sector, and sets out how Wales could become the world’s first sustainable space nation by 2040, leading the way to a greener space.

“Environment Systems is delighted to have been involved in developing the strategy,” said Steve Keyworth, Commercial Director, who is a member of the Space Wales Leadership Group and a contributing author to the report.

Sentinel 2 satellite image of Wales
Sentinel 2 satellite image of Wales
Environment Systems has a 17 year track record in using Earth Observation for addressing environmental and agricultural challenges. This includes everything from natural capital risk assessments in the Caribbean, banana monitoring in Colombia, the development of an agricultural data infrastructure in Turkey to assessing farmer subsidy eligibility in Wales. Most recently Environment Systems has been using EO analytics as part of the evidence for the Welsh Government national development framework Future Wales: the national plan 2040.

Peatland Restoration Portal Presented at CivTech Demo Day

Environment Systems presented its solution to the CivTech challenge – “How can technology help us identify peatland restoration sites that will optimise costs and benefits?” at the latest CivTech Demo Day on the 8th February in Edinburgh.

Scottish peatland
Peatland which makes up over 20% of Scottish land cover is an important carbon store and home to a range of rare and important wildlife
In good condition, Scotland’s peatlands offer a fantastic natural carbon store and an excellent nature-based solution to the twin crises of climate change and biodiversity loss. The Scottish Government wants to understand where to do peatland restoration in order to maximise all the benefits that derive from it.

While peatlands cover 20% of Scotland, around 80% of them are in poor condition and are emitting greenhouse gases. Restoring them is therefore a key plank of the Scottish Government’s climate change plan and Scotland’s response to the climate emergency.
Our solution, the Peatland Restoration Portal, has been developed in partnership with the Tweed Forum Ltd and Land & Habitats Ltd. Using Environment Systems’ SENCE natural capital evaluation tool, plus satellite data analytics this online tool will provide area-based peatland restoration prioritisation to enable policy makers, land owners, contractors and the finance community to pinpoint areas of peatland requiring restoration helping Scotland to transition to net zero and restore one of its most valuable landscapes and significant carbon store.
SENCE - Peatland Restoration
The data in our portal aligns with the IUCN Peatland Code, the developing standard for peatland restoration, to give peatland investment confidence. There is no other solution available on the market that models the breadth of environmental issues in relation to peatland, whilst at the same time being refreshed with the latest data for monitoring the sites.

​​Our user base in the Scottish Government will provide a strong anchor to the service. In addition to this, we will charge our target customers a monthly subscription to access premium features.

We have committed to maintaining free access for individual landowners. This will provide recurring revenue from organisations who are monetising peatland restoration and by keeping landowner access free we keep the restoration opportunities i.e. the “deal flow”, high.

The Environment Systems presentation can be viewed here.

Bermuda: Restoring Native Ecosystems

Bermuda: Societal Action for Sustainability and Conservation

Our Environment Director, Katie Medcalf has co-authored an article in the CIEEM ‘In Practice’ journal on behalf of its Overseas Territories Special Interest Group. The article highlights two initiatives aimed at preserving biodiversity on Bermuda. Both engage with local people to protect against damaging development and help plant native tree species. You can read and download the article here.

Environment Systems has been working on projects in the British Overseas Territories such as Anguilla, British Virgin Islands, St Helena for over ten years and is currently working on a project focused on protected Ramsar sites in the Turks and Caicos Islands.