Environment Systems is an environmental and agricultural consultancy. We are trusted providers of evidence and insight to governments and industry.

Our Projects

  • “Preserving

    Preserving the South Pennine Moors

    MoorLIFE 2020 is a project which aims to conserve and protect Active Blanket Bog (ABB) within the South Pennine Moors Special Area of Conservation (SAC) and the ecosystem services it provides.
  • “State

    State of the Environment

    This project focused on taking an ‘Ecosystem Approach,’ using existing data and evidence with our SENCE tool to assess the current provision of ecosystems across the West of England. The ‘Ecosystem Approach’ seeks to understand the services that the natural environment is providing and advocates an integrated approach to the way the land and living resources are managed and enhanced.
  • “St.

    Mapping St.Helena's Natural Environment

    Environment Systems is part of a team that will produce comprehensive environment maps showing the functioning of habitats and soils and creating an accessible digital system which will utilise remote sensing and fi eld based surveying for present and future ecosystem services monitoring.
  • “Data

    Data Cubes in Agriculture

    Environment Systems has recently acted as a consultant on this project funded under the UK Space Agency’s International Partnership Space Programme (IPSP). The project investigated the feasibility of Earth Observation derived services/ products available through a specific geospatial data infrastructure (data cube) focused on the Australian agricultural monitoring market.
  • “Grapes

    Grapes from Space

    Improving Food Security and Agricultural Competitiveness in Peru (IFSACP) is a project that has been brokered by the British Embassy in Peru and project managed by the UK’s Satellite Applications Catapult. Part of this project was focused on the Piura region of Peru the largest table grape producing region in the country totalling over 4,000 hectares. The main objective of the project was to establish the use of Sentinel 1&2 and other satellite data for driving agricultural performance.

  • “Ecopotential”

    Ecopotential - Ecosystem Services

    Ecopotential is a four-year Horizon 2020 project funded by the EU. The project consortium comprises 47 European and international partners spanning research institutes, universities, national and European space agencies, international bodies and SME’s. The project responds to the EU’s call: “To make Earth Observation and Monitoring Data usable for ecosystem modelling and services.”