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  • “Cotswold

    Cotswolds Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty

    In a project funded by Natural England, Environment Systems investigated how an integrated approach using offline ecosystem service mapping together with an online dashboard could help the Cotswolds AONB to meet its nature recovery reporting requirements.
  • “Cerrado

    Due Negligence Report

    The UK’s draft deforestation due diligence regulation, which is part of the Environment Bill, would make it mandatory for companies to carry out due diligence to ensure that there is no illegal deforestation in their agricultural and forestry supply chains. A WWF report suggests that the UK needs to strengthen its regulations.
  • “Lowland

    Ecosystem Resilience Guide

    Recently, we were tasked with producing an Ecosystem Resilience Field Guide by Natural Resources Wales. Ecosystem resilience is the capacity of an ecosystem to deal with pressures and demands; resisting, recovering from or adapting to these whilst retaining their ability to deliver ecosystem services.


Data Services

  • “Sequestering

    Mapping Wildfires

    Savanna based ecosystems across the world are suffering increasingly from wildfires due to climate change and illegal human activities. In many regions, this puts the fragile ecosystems under threat, so mapping the extent of wildfires becomes important to enable the organisation of mitigation measures.
  • “Monitoring

    Monitoring Grassland by Satellite

    In 2019 we were involved in a pilot project to investigate the use satellite remote sensing to inform grassland management and predict grass yield in Wales. We have now proved the efficacy of satellite data for monitoring within a single field and across entire continents!
  • “One

    One Million Fields Surveyed

    According to our Data Services Team we have surveyed over one million fields in the last year. When we take into account the number of repeat visits to some of these fields, the land area we have covered is well over 600 million km².



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