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  • “Sequestering

    From Research to Action

    This is a great example of our work moving from research to policy and action. With coastal wetlands being the richest source of carbon in the Caribbean, these cost-effective nature-based solutions will help tackle the negative effects of climate change and biodiversity.
  • “Sequestering

    Sequestering Carbon

    We've been working with Bridgend County Borough Council considering the land in council ownership and its management in terms of its suitability for tree planting. We've also been looking at the current amount of carbon stored and the potential for further sequestration.
  • “Mapping

    Mapping Risk to Water Quality

    A large amount of the water we drink comes from rivers and reservoirs. Although this water passes through complex treatment processes to make it safe to drink, the time, effort and cost of these processes depends on the quality of the raw water. Human activities, in particular farming, can affect water quality by increasing the risk of soil mobilisation.


Data Services

  • “Sequestering

    Mapping Wildfires

    Savanna based ecosystems across the world are suffering increasingly from wildfires due to climate change and illegal human activities. In many regions, this puts the fragile ecosystems under threat, so mapping the extent of wildfires becomes important to enable the organisation of mitigation measures.
  • “Monitoring

    Monitoring Grassland by Satellite

    In 2019 we were involved in a pilot project to investigate the use satellite remote sensing to inform grassland management and predict grass yield in Wales. We have now proved the efficacy of satellite data for monitoring within a single field and across entire continents!
  • “One

    One Million Fields Surveyed

    According to our Data Services Team we have surveyed over one million fields in the last year. When we take into account the number of repeat visits to some of these fields, the land area we have covered is well over 600 million km².



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