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  • “East

    East End Pond - Anguilla

    East End Pond is a conservation area in Anguilla, the island’s only protected salt pond and an internationally recognised reserve for wetland bird species. Working with the RSPB and Anguilla National Trust, Environment Systems has carried out a study to investigate the risks of flooding and nature-based solutions.
  • “Crop

    Crop Suitability Monitoring in Wales

    There is a great deal of uncertainty in how climate change could impact on agricultural production in Wales. This project modelled land suitability for 118 different crop types, including some novel crops such as tea and almonds, under current conditions and nine projected climate change scenarios.
  • “Tree

    Afforestation - Tree Suitability Mapping

    In 2019, the Committee for Climate Change (CCC) commissioned a study to investigate the application of spatial modelling to tree species and site selection in Wales to see if its ambition of planting 152,000 ha in Wales was feasible. We carried out the modelling.


Data Services

  • “Monitoring

    Monitoring Grassland by Satellite

    In 2019 we were involved in a pilot project to investigate the use satellite remote sensing to inform grassland management and predict grass yield in Wales. We have now proved the efficacy of satellite data for monitoring within a single field and across entire continents!
  • “One

    One Million Fields Surveyed

    According to our Data Services Team we have surveyed over one million fields in the last year. When we take into account the number of repeat visits to some of these fields, the land area we have covered is well over 600 million km².
  • “Oil

    Three crops we're mapping from space!

    With the world’s population projected to grow to approximately 10.9 billion by 2100 and with the recent COVID-19 pandemic, the world's food system is under increasing pressure. We need to plan to feed more people without overwhelming the planet. Satellite imagery can help safeguard global food supply and support sustainability.



  • 26-03-2021
    Sphere Newsletter – Spring 2021 Published
    The Spring 2021 issue of our Sphere newsletter has just been published. This issue is a direct response to the recently published Dasgupta Review and focuses on Natural Capital and more specifically on our own SENCE (Spatial Evidence for Natural Capital Evaluation) technology.
  • 25-02-2021
    Environment Systems Sponsor and Chair Session in UK Overseas Territory Conservation Conference
  • 04-01-2021
    Sphere Winter 2020-21 – Published
    The Winter 2020-21 issue of our Sphere newsletter has just been published and it is gratifying to report that we are busy and active well beyond the confines of the UK despite the pandemic. We have been working as far abroad as Australia, the Middle East, Africa, North and Latin America, and the Caribbean. Our technological innovation continues apace as we further extend the range and scope of our activities as one of the UK's largest downstream Earth observation companies. We can look forward with optimism to the year ahead.

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